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Downers are a term Wellies used to describe somebody who doesn't take their Joy. In We Happy Few you play as sveral Downers: Arthur Hastings (an everyday man fairly well known in Wellington Wells), Sally Boyle (a famous chemist) and Ollie Starkey (a retired war hero who is feared by everyone; red suited bobbies will aggro immediately if he's seen). They all have major roles within the TBA story. You can find a corpse of a Downer by a broken Joy Detector being investigated by Bobbies and an act of a Downer breaking into a home and killing several Wellies that occurs in an Event within Hamlyn.

Reactions[edit | edit source]

Bobbies and Wellies do not take kindly to Downers. In fact, committing any act that is not considered proper will get you labeled as a Downer. These acts are not limited to refusing Joy, but also stealing, assault and being caught in a suspicious area (such as bridge gates and crime scene investigations).

Wastrels[edit | edit source]

Wastrels are the downers who live in the Garden District; either by choice, or through force.