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Wellie concept art

Wellies (Male) and Wellettes (Female) are the residents of every island in Wellington Wells except for the Garden District, which is populated by Wastrels. If Wellies ever encounter a Wastrel, they will attack and beat them to death. Wellies use common items as weapons, such as a Frying Pan or Rolling Pin. They regularly take a drug called Joy and add it in most of their meals and drinks. These items can be purified in order to remove the Joy, making it safe for the player to consume. In order to remain inconspicuous around Wellies, players need to wear a Propper Suit. Players may often encounter special characters such as Bobbies and Criers within areas populated by Wellies. When the sun sets, Wellies sleep within their homes, giving players a good time to sneak into their house and take their belongings.